I visited this bird sanctuary at the Zoo, I know this is not an exact sanctuary, but most of the birds were fed and looked after very well. Even though some of the birds were caged, their cages were spacious, and most of these birds lay eggs inside the cages.

This Zoo bird sanctuary is a protected area where birds and other forms of natural wildlife and flora (including indigenous and imported plants) are located and interact with each other for individual and collective survival. There is not a single bird that is held in captivity in any of these enclosures. Every kind of wild animal is allowed to dwell here without restriction, and they are free to decide whether they want to stay for only a few months or a whole year.

The zoo is home to hundreds of aquatic birds that are indigenous to Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, China, and Siberia. These species make up the park’s bird family. The fact that these birds spend the winter in India is what makes the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary such an appealing destination for anyone who wants to see birds. Cranes, pelicans, geese, ducks, eagles, hawks, shanks, stints, wagtails, warblers, wheatears, flycatchers, buntings, larks, and pipits are some of the species of birds that may be found in this area.